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"Gloria Clifford's paintings of Ocean Reef Creatures, Rain Forest Birds and Tropical Island Botanicals truly do "TAKE YOU THERE" and most all subjects within the works of this conservation painter are seriously threatened or considered endangered species. Gloria's professional and personal passion for these animals and for their threatened environments is extremely obvious when viewing her joy filled works of art! Her adoration of these creatures and their threatened habitats, which are so lovingly painted, are beautifully captured by use of a brilliant color palette and with a style very much her own! Vivid joy filled colors and the creation of paintings for purposes higher than only as wall decor but also as conservation art, has become Gloria Clifford's professional trademark and sets this North American artist apart as one to follow.

Gloria Clifford states over and over again through the JOY filled images within her paintings, that her greatest passion as an artist AND as a human being, is to provide her collectors with incredibly uplifting artwork....but also with artwork that is conservation based for a global purpose. By showcasing ocean and rain forest creatures within their natural ocean or rain forest habitats, Gloria believes that people who view her paintings, (many of which are licensed and are currently spreading across the globe as home decor products), will be inspired to save and to protect these beautiful places and the animals who live there. She purposely chooses these particular subjects because most ALL ARE IN DIRE NEED OF HUMAN PROTECTION!

Please navigate to the CONTACT PAGE of this website should you care to contact the artist for additional information OR to purchase one of Gloria Clifford's ORIGINAL paintings! To purchase, reproductions, note cards, or home decor flags, please click on the item you wish to purchase and instructions will follow."

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