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ANYTIME YOUR HEART DESIRES......... YOU can now escape to an OCEAN REEF, to a TROPICAL ISLAND PARADISE or to a lush RAIN FOREST HABITAT when YOU become a collector of an original painting or fine art reproduction by conservation artist, GLORIA CLIFFORD!

Colorful OCEAN CREATURES, EXOTIC BIRDS and ISLAND BOTANICALS that "take you there" within the acrylic or watercolor paintings by this contemporary painter, are all seriously threatened or endangered species. Gloria's personal and artistic passion for these animals and their threatened environments, is extremely obvious when viewing her joy filled paintings! The artist's portrayals of enchanting island life botanicals, a unique series of coral reef/ocean species and the exquisite birds and tropical flowers within the paintings by this artist are all beautifully captured by the use of a brilliant color palette and a style very much her own! The use of a VIBRANT COLOR PALETTE and the artist's vision as expressed by her CHILD LIKE WONDER has become Gloria's professional trademark. This personal style along with a conservation goal to use her art to "make a difference", uniquely sets this North American painter apart as an artist to follow.

Gloria Clifford states over and over again through the vivid images within her paintings, that her greatest passion as a contemporary artist and as a human being, is to provide her collectors with incredibly uplifting artwork.....artwork with a greater purpose. The gift she lovingly shares with her patrons is a unique value because owning her art is "visual exposure" on a daily basis to these incredible animals and their threatened environments! By showcasing ocean and rain forest creatures within their natural ocean or rain forest habitats, Gloria believes that people all around the globe will be inspired to save and to protect these beautiful places. She purposely chooses these subjects because ALL ARE IN DIRE NEED OF HUMAN PROTECTION!

Please navigate to the CONTACT PAGE above should you care to contact the artist further for additional information about Gloria's work or to purchase one of her ORIGINAL paintings! The extensive collection available is shown on this website as originals, as fine art reproductions........ and most recently, as FLAGS!

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